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Grateful Dead
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Our Story


Mystic Dead is Southern New England's leading Grateful Dead cover band, made up of five lifetime Deadheads who came together in 2018 to pursue their passion of sharing the country's most amazing song book.  

Mystic Dead is: 

Toby Kniffin - Guitar & Vocals

Ian Kelly - Guitar & Vocals

Ronnie Lewis - Drums & Vocals

Marty Moroney - Bass

Paul Sauvageau - Keyboards 

Playing America's Songbook


The Grateful Dead songbook is America's songbook.   There is a reason that so many touring bands now include at least one Grateful Dead song in their acts each night.  

From Casey Jones to Scarlet Begonias to Friend of the Devil, the Grateful Dead's songs move people of all ages, uniting all music lovers around the love of the most authentic of Americana classics.

While the remaining original members of the Grateful Dead live on, and play on,  dozens of Dead cover bands keep the music alive night after night in local communities all over America.  

Come join the fun!!

New England Based


While the Grateful Dead were from Northern California, some of their most faithful fans, and most memorable concerts, were from the Northeastern US.   From the legendary 1980 shows at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, to Ithica, Hartford, Waterville, Boston and beyond, the Northeast was a special place for the Dead, they knew they could count on the fans to dance the night away.

Mystic Dead and its five band members are based in one of America's favorite small towns, Mystic, Connecticut.  Mystic has a great music, art and seafaring tradition that goes back to the 1600s.